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John Skeng is an Original King's Park/Miami' dj, sounds man, engineer, producer and over all music lover. John Skeng will always represent for Belize but Miami is definitely where Skeng calls home. "Actually my first experience as a dancehall artist was back in Belize in the late 90's where as a teenager, I linked up w/ Prezi-D who in turn formally introduced me to Mose 'Mad Rocka' Hyde, who took an interest in my talent and got me on local shows and would feature some of the songs (I recorded at Prezi-D) on his Krem Radio Show, some time later Prezi-D showed me the one's & two's about playing sound after which I was able to husltle up enough money to start a serious record collection & buy turntables, amp ,speakers and started the Mighty Leaf Sound along w/ some family memebers and friends. I moved to Miami in 1999 and immediatly connected w/ the Ft. Lauderdale sound scene at which point I decided to go w/ the flow of things and pursued being a sounds man rather than a performing/recording artist. My first link on the South Florida scene came through Ms. Candy Hannon who at that time was Mad Cobra's Manager and Long time Radio Dj Mikey Mike who offered The Mighty Leaf Sound a spot on the hottest underground-dancehall/reggae radio station in Ft. Lauderdale at the time. Another significant link that I must mention is The Late & Great Michael 'Mikey Dread' Campbell aka Dread at the Controls, who took an interest in my selecting & m.c. skills and took me along on tours as his selector, at which point I had access to probably the greatest Studio One, Treasure Isle,Trojan and Channel One vinyl collection probably in the entire universe. Later I had the opportunity to play on sounds such as Black Chiney, Danger Zone,Poison Dart, The Legendary Belizean Sound Stone Jam and up to today I am still a selector not to be taken lightly. While as a part of the Danger Zone Music Group, the label Jah Cure was at the time signed to, I learned alot from CEO's Delmar "Della' Drummond & Edward 'Nine' Warren, observing them run a multi-million dollar entertainment group. Also very inspiring to me was to see long time friend (and brother to the mother of my child) Duane 'Supa Dups' Chin-Quee, Black Chiney's Founder evolve himself from a little selector/remix youth to an A-Class, Major Label,Grammy Award Winning Producer literally making serious dollars out of 15 cents, creating history along the way in the Mix-Cd & Sound department. As of 2013....I'm going all in as a dancehall/reggae artist. I'm not trying to impress anybody & nothing impresses me & nothing surprises me. If your at the point where you know your music is good enough to be marketed to the international audiences , thats when you need to study and connect with the business aspect of the music industry and try to someway come up w/ the finance or links you need to take your projects to market. I am presenting myself to the world as a good youth w/ a good message. The Greatest thing in Reggae Music even up to today is Bob Marley, and he was a good man! So why every youth in the business want to be known as a badman ? I am no longer searching, The Lord heard me crying out and he did not leave me where he found me. I am officially working as a Warrior in God's Army in the the fight for Good over evil. I have learned that I have nothing and no one to fear in this world, for God , guards, guides, protects and blesses me !!! My main inspiration is the Word, Power and Art of God, for everyman is just a man . From a child my faith in My Lord Jesus Christ had been strong, and as an adult I have not a doubt in mind that I can move even mountains through The Power Of The Most High. The Lord has revealed to me that pussy hole satan will send some of his most senior special agents to try and to badmind my mission and even to try to physically harm me. With the Kingdom and Power Of God and all His Arch Angels on my side I must say.....I am up for the challenge !!!!!!!

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